Kernel Oil established by Widodo Ratanachaithong is a great producer of crude oil in Singapore

Singapore is renowned as the “oil center of Asia” and its oil industry is in charge of 5 % of the nation’s gross private item (GDP). Hydrogenated Palm Oil Company is a famous name in the whole Singapore as they have been the prestigious suppliers of raw petroleum everywhere throughout the nation. Widodo Ratanachaitong is the CEO and exchanging executive of Kernel Oil Pte Limited. He is an extremely splendid director in the field of business and has taken the edge over all different contenders. Widodo has been exchanging the field of petroleum related items with the experience of numerous years and this aptitude on his part has made him best individual of the Singapore.

The hydrogenated palm oil organization ends up at an exceptionally safe position on the grounds that there’s base danger of anybody taking a lead over it. The organization creates the fundamental vitality for the business sector of planet, particularly for the national organization. Bit premise movement is the matter of fossil oil and its items. The organization manages different result of fossil oil got from the area, the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean and geographic region. It furthermore delivers gas fluids, for example, melted fossil fuel gasses, ethane, and natural compound dissolver and condensate; non fuel item, together with dissolvable, green coke, calcined coke, paraffin, slack wax, genuine aromate, and sulfur; common blend item, for example, polytam, unadulterated terephthalic corrosive, paraxylene, benzene, and propylene; and different concoction items.

Widodo Ratanachaithong is also famous for his palm kernel oil and its products

Widodo is also famous for his palm kernel oil and its products. The kernel oil is obtain from a unique crop called “oil palm” which produces two distinct oil. ‘Oil palm’ is a fruit of palmiste tree which is available at Singapore in abundant quantity. After going through different processes the kernel of the fruit produce the kernel palm oil. Widodo Ratanachaithong is no doubt a successful business man and is a source of inspiration to others.  The mill after getting the fruit separate parts that are fruit fibres, free moisture and nut shell. Where the nut shell are further processed to get the kernel palm oil. Kernel Oil deals with a wide range of products and crude oils which come from Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, Far East region, as well as West African grades.

Achieveing success through hard work – Widodo Ratanachaitong

Widodo Ratanachaitong is an skilled and experienced businessman. He always worked hard for the improvement of his industry. He created a new name in the oil market of Singapore that is Kernel Oil Pvt Ltd. He believes in the philosophy of hard work and leave rest of it to the your luck. According to him, to achieve success one should believe in yourself and your work. From nothing he became the trading director of Kernel Oil Pvt Ltd, This shows his hard work and dedication for his work. Establishing a business and maintaining its name and reputation are two quite different things. Widodo Ratanachaitong have accomplished both the things. Everyone knows about Kernel Oil in Singapore. Their products are also of good quality.

Widodo Ratanachaithong created a monopoly in the petroleum sector

Widodo Ratanachaithong created a name in the field of oil industry. He established Kernel Oil Pvt Ltd, which is a great exporter of crude oil in Singapore. The most famous product of this company is Palm Oil which is extracted from the tree called palmist. The extracted product is further processed through various stages to remove fibers, shell and moisture. The oil extracted from this tree contains high quantity of Iodine. Kernel Oil not only produces Kernel Oil but manufacture paraffin wax, natural gas and various other products like this. They are very well aware of the fact that they have created a monopoly in the petroleum sector of Singapore and it is highly improbable for any competitor to evolve at this level.

Widodo Ratanachaitong a renowned and successful businessman from Sri Lanka

Widodo Ratanachaitong is a great businessman. He established Kernel Oil Pvt Ltd one of the largest oil producing companies of Singapore. The most paramount product of this company is palm kernel oil which is extracted from palm oil. This oil is extracted from a tree called the palmist, which is found in abundance in Singapore. Widodo is always concerned about the environmental activities. He is very well aware of the fact that his company should follow all rules and regulations to protect the environment. It has expanded as far as Thailand, Indonesia and Australia and intends to become even more respected worldwide.


Widodo Ratanachaitong serves as trading director of Kernel Oil Pte Limited

Widodo Ratanachaitong serves as trading director of Kernel Oil Pte Limited. Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. trades fossil oil and oil products.  It offers hydrocarbon, gas oil, fuel, base oil, asphalt, fossil oil, and condensation, gas, naphtha, kerosene, oil, and residue. The company conjointly provides gas liquids, like liquefied fossil fuel gases, ethane, and organic compound dissolver and condensate; non fuel product, together with solvent, green coke, calcined coke, paraffin, slack wax, serious aromate, and sulphur; organic compound product, like polytam, pure terephthalic acid, paraxylene, benzene, and propylene; and chemical product. Its fossil oil mercantilism activities embrace crudes from the Far East region, Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean, and West African grades. Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in Singapore with subsidiaries in Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia.


According to Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong the major components of the oil industry are exploration, production, distribution and refining. In the period of the last ten years the production of crude oil has taken place, especially in the areas of the middle east, the production has gained a total production of about 2 billion tons. As mister Widodo Ratanachaitong implies, the balance of power entails to The buyers, because the oil these days may be an artifact and therefore the costs and contract terms are the terms that lead patrons to firms. Ideally, revenues and profits can be grown systematically.

Kernel Oil Service Commitment

The Customer Support Services in our organization is committed to addressing

all of the support needs of our customers.

Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong , Managing Director, Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, is commited

to laying the foundations of excellent customer service right from the start.

We do not subcontract any support services, we prefer to put you directly in

touch with professional, qualified people who understand our products and

services intimately.

At Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, our commitments to you, our customers, are:

• Responsiveness – We will listen to you to understand what you want from

our services. We aim to deliver a timely, high quality service.

• Provide the right information – We want to give the right information in a

understandable way. We want to make our guidance clear and accessible.

• Professional approach – Our staff, guided by the managing director Mr.

Widodo Ratanachaitong will be professional at all times and will have the

right skills and training to do their job well.

• Have a proper attitude – We listen to ideas which eventually adapt to our

approach to meet customers’ needs. We help in terms of complying the

requirements of regulations.

• Precision – Our efficient work is aimed to getting the desired results.

Also, we opt out for continuous communication and feedback from the

customers, in terms of helping us develop our advice and guidance. This is

a huge benefit in the collection of customers’ needs, and providing them

• Integrity – we will always conduct business with you ethically and

professionally. This approach is crucial for Kernel Oil Pte Ltd and beneficial

to both customers and employees.