Widodo Ratanachaitong serves as trading director of Kernel Oil Pte Limited

Widodo Ratanachaitong serves as trading director of Kernel Oil Pte Limited. Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. trades fossil oil and oil products.  It offers hydrocarbon, gas oil, fuel, base oil, asphalt, fossil oil, and condensation, gas, naphtha, kerosene, oil, and residue. The company conjointly provides gas liquids, like liquefied fossil fuel gases, ethane, and organic compound dissolver and condensate; non fuel product, together with solvent, green coke, calcined coke, paraffin, slack wax, serious aromate, and sulphur; organic compound product, like polytam, pure terephthalic acid, paraxylene, benzene, and propylene; and chemical product. Its fossil oil mercantilism activities embrace crudes from the Far East region, Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean, and West African grades. Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in Singapore with subsidiaries in Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia.


According to Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong the major components of the oil industry are exploration, production, distribution and refining. In the period of the last ten years the production of crude oil has taken place, especially in the areas of the middle east, the production has gained a total production of about 2 billion tons. As mister Widodo Ratanachaitong implies, the balance of power entails to The buyers, because the oil these days may be an artifact and therefore the costs and contract terms are the terms that lead patrons to firms. Ideally, revenues and profits can be grown systematically.


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